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Art student creates his own design tool from a modified pinball machine

Art student and graphic designer Sam van Doorn modified a pinball machine to churn out artwork for his graduation project at Netherlands-based Artez Institute of the Arts, tweaking the tabletop game to produce tracks of color on grids to create spiraling, sliding effects.

In van Doorn's installation, calling the STYN, a poster with a printed grid is placed on top of the machine. Players use the grid to "structure [their] playing field," as van Doorn describes on his blog, by trying to direct the pinballs. This creates varying patterns as the balls track paint across the grid.

"I have always been interested in building my own tools in design," writes van Doorn. "In a time of digitalization of the work process, you can easily forget the freedom and fun of play. By creating new tools, you give yourself the opportunity to break free from standards in design. As result of this idea I deconstructed a pinball machine and reconstructed it as a design tool."

A closer look at the STYN as well as van Doorn's other projects can be found on his personal website. Those who are interested can also buy posters of artwork created using the STYN.

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