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Tin Man Games brings Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell to mobile

Gamebook Adventures developer Tin Man Games released House of Hell today, a digital gamebook app that is the second of the studio's Fighting Fantasy games.

House of Hell is a Fighting Fantasy choose-your-own-adventure book written by Steve Jackson. It was first published in 1984 as part of Jackson's and Ian Livingtone's Fighting Fantasy book series.

Tin Man Games acquired the rights to turn the Fighting Fantasy series into interactive mobile games and released Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies last year. House of Hell is the latest Fighting Fantasy book to receive the gamebook treatment, with animated page-turning, dynamic links, an automated Adventure Sheet for player stats and objects and the reader can also roll physics-based 3D dice to escape traps that have been laid in the house.

Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell is out now on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store and Nook mobile apps for $5.99.

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