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Roam throws you into a base-building zombie wasteland on PC and Mac

Former Gas Powered Games developer Ryan Sharr is teaming up with colleague Zach Barson to develop a new zombie-centric base-building title, Roam, which they hope to fund through a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign.

The isometric strategy title throws the player into a zombie-filled wasteland where they must scavenge for supplies to build up a base and defend themselves from continued waves of undead hordes. Every stage of the game is procedurally-generated, increasing in difficulty over time. NPCs will react to choices the player makes throughout, while zombies can mutate and increase in strength. Bandits are another danger, as they can raid the player's supplies.

The game also offers RPG-like elements, allowing the player to recruit or dismiss NPCs for their base and customize gear and items. In addition, it will be up to the player to decide whether to play stealthily or not, while four-player co-op is also supported.

As of press time, the game has raised $28,733 with 25 days left before its Feb. 24 cut-off date. If the studio is able to raise $45,000, it promises to add customizable vehicles, while a player skill system and additional swag will be made available at the $50,000 and $60,000 mark, respectively.

Roam is slated to release in January 2014 for PC and Mac. Sharr's former colleagues at Gas Powered Games are also attempting the Kickstarter path with an RPG titled Wildman; however, it's unlikely to reach its $1.1 million goal.

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