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Arma Tactics coming to Project Shield

Developer Bohemia Interactive is developing a new title in the Arma franchise, a turn-based strategy game called Arma Tactics, designed for Nvidia's upcoming Project Shield handheld device.

In Arma Tactics, players take control of a four-member Special Forces squad and work their way through story-driven and randomly generated missions. Players can either take a direct approach through the game or adopt a stealthier way of playing, while making use of both basic and advanced weapons in combat against local militia and skilled mercenaries.

The upcoming title will use Project Shield's console-styled controller and supports Shield's multi-screen gaming system that allows the user to play from the likes of television sets.

Arma Tactics is planned to launch in Q2 of 2013 and may eventually release to iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Project Shield was first unveiled earlier in the month and is described as a "pure Android" device built into a "console-grade game controller" which features a 5-inch multi-touch display.

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