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Hawken's new video fans the flames of war

In their latest video, the developers behind mech shooter Hawken show off how a little bit of Nvidia software magic can take the game to new levels by adding intricate detail to destruction.

The video above offers a first look at the upcoming APEX Turbulence feature created by technology company Nvidia's PhysX program, a system that stirs particles and create realistic turbulence effects. Death and health embers from mechs, collecting energy and deploying shields all utilize the system and are shown in the video above these effects make clusters of particles look like they are caught in the wind and react to disturbances from other forces. The system also creates realistic showers of dust and debris during battle.

Check out the video for a full walkthrough of the various uses of PhysX in Hawken with Nvidia technical marketing analyst Andrew Coonrad. Hawken is currently in open beta and available for download at it's official website.

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