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Major League Gaming could develop its own deathmatch-style arena shooter

Major League Gaming CEO Sundance DiGiovanni thinks the organization should create its own game, something with balanced weapons systems and a "classic deathmatch feel," according to an interview with DiGiovanni on The Penny Arcade Report.

"The thing is, I think it would have to be derivative of a few things," DiGiovanni explained. "I loved Quake, and I've played a lot of Counter-Strike and fighting games. The perfect game for me is something that would disrupt a little. I've always dreamed of a multi-screen experience where you have players and coaches interacting and having touch surfaces and communication... but that's so complicated and hard to explain."

DiGiovanni wants to create a game that "just works and has draw," noting a basic deathmatch arena duel between individual players or teams would work the best. Games like Halo and Call of Duty have persistent leveling systems that make them inadequate candidates for skill-based competitions.

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