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Sleeping Dogs Chinese New Year-themed DLC hinted at in leaked trailer

A teaser trailer leaked online may point to the next downloadable content pack coming to open-world action title Sleeping Dogs, according to the YouTube user who posted the video.

User Laurentiu Badea says the above video clips became available in the game's directory alongside a few other cutscenes after he completed the latest Sleeping Dogs DLC, the Zodiac Tournament fighting tournament add-on mission. The video shows several elements unique to Chinese New Year celebrations, and ends with the title card "Year of the Snake."

It is worth nothing that in the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2013 is the Year of the Snake and begins on Sunday, Feb. 10.

Additionally, a set of four trophies for a Year of the Snake content pack have appeared on gaming website Exophase. These trophies list rewards for completing the content's first mission ("Bomb Squad"), finding all evidence collectibles ("Goodie Monster"), completing all of the pack's secondary content ("Hong Kong's Finest") and "defaulting the cultists" ("Cult Master").

Polygon has reached out to Square Enix for more information and will update this story with details as we receive them.