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Football Manager 2013 integrates app aiming to teach teenagers about reporting crimes

Sega's management simulator Football Manager 2013 will now display advertising for an instructional crime reporting program alongside games, U.K. safety charity Crimestoppers reported today.

Football Manager players will find banners for Crimestoppers' Fearless program, which aims to teach teenagers about crime safety and reporting crimes anonymously, displayed beside the pitch during games. When clicked, the banners will redirect players to the Fearless official website. There players can find numerous resources regarding different dangerous situations, including those involving weapons, drugs, theft, vandalism and cyber bullying.

"Many young people don't feel they have a voice when it comes to crime, or are simply scared of the repercussions should they speak up, which is why Fearless is such a great avenue for them," said Crimestoppers commercial manager Kate Johnston.

"We fully support the Fearless campaign and the tireless work that they do," added Miles Jacobson, studio director at Football Manager developer Sports Interactive. "Hopefully having the Fearless message at the side of the pitch during matches will be of help to any of our younger fans faced with a difficult situation."

Football Manager 2013 is available for Windows PC and Mac.

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