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Developer High Voltage will continue to work with Volition on next Saints Row title

Developer High Voltage Software will continue to perform contracted work for the next Saints Row title under Volition's new parent company Koch Media, High Voltage CEO Kerry Ganofsky confirmed with Polygon this week.

Services from High Voltage were listed in court documents detailing assumptions included in the purchase of Saints Row developer Volition. Deep Silver parent company Koch Media purchased Volition last week for $22.3 million at the auction to liquidate assets of publisher THQ.

"We're glad that fellow developer Volition has landed softly and that Saints Row 4 has a secure future with a solid company," Ganofsky said. "We're excited to be part of the development of the Saints Row franchise and continuing the excellent relationship with Koch Media."

Ganofsky declined to say what the team is working on specifically.

"I think fans will love the property but honestly I can't say much more than that," he said.

Last June THQ president Jason Rubin announced that a planned expansion for Saints Row: The Third titled Enter the Dominatrix would be canceled and its content rolled into the next Saints Row title. According to Rubin, the project, tentatively titled "The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise," is scheduled to launch this year.

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