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Minecraft, Portal 2 and Trackmania are the latest learning tools for STEM summer camps

iD Tech Camps, a summer program that teaches the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), is adopting video games as an educational tool for students of seven to 18 years of age.

The program is designed to teach students to design their own video games and create apps for iPhone and Android devices, among other technology-driven creations. For its 2013 season, iD Tech Camps will feature three new courses based around the Minecraft platform, in addition to classes oriented around games such as Portal 2, Trackmania and Shootmania: Storm, where students will learn traditional STEM skills.

According to the program creators, titles such as Portal 2 can be used as an aid in teaching math and physics, while Minecraft will let students use programming features to enhance their sandbox worlds.

"The way students learn is changing," said iD Tech Camps CEO Pete Ingram-Cauchi in a prepared statement. "We have to offer them the opportunity to experience subjects applicable to future careers, while providing tools to problem-solve, create, work in teams, and use critical thinking skills."

Roughly 150,000 students have participated in iD Tech Camps' programs in the last decade, while over 26,000 are believed to attend this year.