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Sine Mora director working on Japanese-Hungarian co-developed shmup for 2014

Sine Mora director Theodore Reiker is working on a new shoot-em-up title set to release in 2014 with his new Hungary-based studio Prior Games, Reiker said in a recent interview with Joystiq.

Prior Games, made up of "key talent" from Sine Mora developer Digital Reality, plans to release its new shmup in 2014, which will be a "Japanese-Hungarian" co-developed title. The game, codenamed "Project Verona," will be "more conservative in its gameplay and less ambiguous in its storytelling," according to Reiker. He also stated the project will move beyond the typical conventions of the shmup genre.

Before tackling "Verona," Prior will develop smartphone and tablet "microgames" in the vein of Nintendo's bit Generations puzzle series for the Game Boy Advance and the Art Style WiiWare games. Reiker said Prior plans to release four bite-sized games this year and three more next year "to keep the scope of the project manageable."

The first game, Rotolla, will be released for iOS in February. Reiker described the game as "a hybrid of Tetris' gameplay and our mad love of hexagons since Super Hexagon," and noted it includes a soundtrack from "company friend" and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

The next level of puzzles.

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