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Madden set for Aug. 27 release with possible name change

This year's installment of Electronic Arts' perennial NFL-licensed football franchise is set for an Aug. 27, 2013 release and may include a new name to celebrate the franchise's anniversary, according to a post on the official Madden NFL website.

The graphic on the website (seen above) includes the release date and celebrates the franchise's 25th anniversary. The description refers to it as Madden 25, hinting at a name change. Madden games have historically put the year in the title, like Madden NFL 13 did last year. EA has been known to announce the latest installment during the Super Bowl, so we may find out more this Sunday, Feb. 3.

We've reached out to EA for details on the game and its possible rebranding and will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

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