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God of War: Ascension video details the creation process for the winged Manticore

The latest video for God of War: Ascension showcases how the development team at Sony's Santa Monica Studio created the Manticore, one of Kratos' deadliest adversaries, detailing the design process from inception to final product.

The Manticore is a Persian mythological beast with a lion's body, a human head and rows of razor-sharp teeth like a shark. In the video above, Ascension director Todd Papy walks viewers through each step of the creature's creation for the game. God of War's Manticore is slightly different, sporting bat-like wings and the tail of a scorpion as well as the ability to breathe fire.

The Manticore was introduced as one of Kratos' adversaries in the game's teaser trailer, which shows our muscled hero battling the creature in a frozen snow-covered wasteland.

God of War: Ascension will be released on March 12 for PlayStation 3.