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iOS Watch List: Baseball Superstars 2013, Sortee and Table Top Racing

Bringing you the most promising iPhone and iPad releases for January 31st, 2013.

First up we've got Baseball Superstars 2013. It's basically the same Baseball Superstars game you've played over and over again in years past (to the point where I'm not sure why it's even an annual franchise, save for the money to be made), but they did boost the graphics this time around. It's free-to-play, and you should get a few hours of gameplay before the in-app purchasing demands start to kick in. (Link)

Next we have Sortee, a game all about, well, sorting. Not terribly thrilling, mind you, but it might intrigue those Brain Age fans in the audience. I actually had a fair bit of fun with it, at least until the game demanded that I sort by color and, being color-blind, I ended up rage quitting. Yellow and green are not my friends. (Link)

Last this week is the most promising release of the bunch: Table Top Racing. It's made by one of the original WipEout designers (the racing franchise, not the horrible TV show). Instead of futuristic cars, Table Top Racing focuses on toy cars in everyday environments. It does bring over some of WipeEout's features, though, including mid-race weaponry and gorgeous visuals. (Link)

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