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Shadowrun Returns character archetypes include mage, street samurai, decker and more

Shadowrun's archetypes revealed

The Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo, Shadowrun Returns, will have character archetypes instead of character classes so that "players are not restricted to a single character development path," according to the game's creative director Jordan Weisman in an interview with Game Informer.

Weisman explains that players will start with a representative Shadowrun character and will be able to grow the character as they wish, spending karma points on any skill or ability available in the game.

The character archetypes include:

Mage — Uses magic to cast spells and can enhance other characters' abilities.

Street Samurai — A warrior that can gain the ability to carry up to three weapons in combat.

Decker — A hacker archetype that can take control of network-controlled doors, cameras and automated weapons.

Shaman — Can summon spirits into the world and invest their own action points in order to control them.

Rigger — Controls drones and, as they advance, can control more than one drone at a time.

Physical Adept — Martial artist and spellcaster who merges the two together.

For a more detail description and Weisman's analysis of each character archetype, visit Game Informer.