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American McGee takes Akaneiro: Demon Hunters to Kickstarter

Developer American McGee has brought his Spicy Horse Games-developed ARPG, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, to Kickstarter in order to raise $200,000 to continue its development.

The action title, inspired by the myths of ancient Japan, first entered closed beta in November with 1,000 players and plans to add further players in waves of 5,000. It was recently revealed that Akaneiro would abandon its free-to-play model for paid model that will feature a low one-off purchase price and the possibility of in-game microtransactions for items and DLC packs.

The online multiplayer game will enter into open beta this January for Windows and Mac; However, according to its Kickstarter, "the problem is we're out of time and money to do so."

If successfully backed, Spicy Horse guarantees the addition of versions of the game for Android and iOS tablets, co-op multiplayer, an equipment crafting system and improved community support. Additionally, features such as an improved chat system, new weapons and pet varieties and an expand narrative among other elements will be included.

If Akaneiro exceeds its funding goal, the studio will begin unlocking its stretch goals, with the addition of the expansion Eye of Spite which features new areas, missions, enemies and an increased level cap, the expansion The Yasha War which includes even more areas, missions, enemies and a higher level cap, a Linux version, a new PvP arena, guild creation and finally new items.

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