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Marxist strategy game Neocolonialism heads to Kickstarter to ruin the world's economy

Designer Seth Alter of Subaltern Games has taken his Marxist macroeconomic strategy game Neocolonialism to Kickstarter, with a funding goal of $10,000.

Neocolonialism puts players in the shoes of maniacal capitalists in charge of the global economy, allowing them to buy votes from parliament, elect a Prime Minister, exploit the working class, make free trade agreements, manipulate the International Monetary Fund and liquidate assets into a Swiss bank account.

While the strategy title has been in development since fall 2011 as a side project, Alter aims to use the Kickstarter campaign's financing to cover life expenses up until summer, offering him the opportunity to focus on the game full-time. A free and playable alpha prototype for PCs is available on the official Subaltern Games website.

A completed beta is scheduled to hit this winter, with a final build planned for Summer 2013. While the software will be made available for free, users will be required to pay $10 to access an online account. This final version will be compatible with Windows, OSX, Ubuntu and "hopefully" iOS.

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