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Square Enix: Legend World browser RPG coming in 2013 for Japanese rewards club members

Japanese Square Enix Members will be getting access to Square Enix: Legend World in the new year, a new browser-based role-playing game that turns their membership avatar into a beast-slaying hero.

The game features monsters from the Final Fantasy compendium, such as Bombs and King Behemoths from 2006 Wii title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and the Final Fantasy 12 version of Cactuars. Players will face off against these creatures in combat, as well as participate in quests and level up their avatars using special equipment and power-up items.

Graphics acceleration software Stage 3D and Flash are used to create the game's stylized 3D graphics, but the screen can be switched between active or "real-time" view and a "simple view" for computers with lower specs.

The company is currently looking for beta testers for Legend World, and the first round is scheduled to begin "early 2013." The game is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac and the company notes on its website that Legend World has been tested in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Interested players can check out the trial version for Square Enix: Legend World on the Square Enix Members website.

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