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Street Fighter X Mega Man 'Version 2' on the way, will address design issues

Capcom is planning to release an updated version of free PC game Street Fighter X Mega Man soon to address issues with the initial release, according to Capcom's senior community manager Brett Elston in a recent interview with The Mega Man Network.

Elston said that Capcom recognizes there are "a few rough edges left" on the game due to it's tight development window in working with creator Zong Hui and his small team. "Version 2" will "tighten up" the title and address issues commonly reported in player feedback. The update will not add any new content.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is not available on other platforms because Windows PC was the easiest to utilize when pushing out a free game.

"Bringing it elsewhere requires all sorts of approvals, submissions and so on, which affect price and timing," Elston explained. "Could we add more stuff and charge for a different take on SFxMM? Possibly, but there are no plans at this time."

Up until now Capcom's North American branch has been focused on activities for the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise, while Japan has lead the Mega Man 25th anniversary. Now that the Street Fighter celebrations are winding to a close, Elston says the team can get to work with Mega Man, including "3DS ports and so on."

As for the future of the Mega Man franchise, Elston noted that Capcom is constantly in talks concerning the brand and its continued production.

"Can't say what the future is, but know there is a future," he said.

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