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Social games developer Majesco Boston shuts down, say former employees (update: confirmed)

Mobile and social games developer Majesco Boston has been shuttered, according to reports from former employees of the Foxboro, MA based studio.

Majesco Boston was established after publisher Majesco Entertainment acquired Quick Hit, the developer of Facebook game Quick Hit Football, a title which previously boasted an official NFL license. Majesco acquired Quick Hit and its 12 employees in 2011 to expand the publisher's social games business, naming executive Jeffrey Anderson as Majesco's senior vice president of social games.

Anderson is the former CEO and founder of Asheron's Call and The Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine.

Majesco released the free-to-play mobile game Legends of Loot for iOS and Android devices in October 2012.

Polygon has contacted Majesco Entertainment reps seeking clarification on the Majesco Boston studio closure and will update with any new information.

Update: Majesco confirmed the shuttering of its Boston branch in the company's recent financial report.

"In June 2011, we acquired the assets and workforce of Quick Hit, Inc., a developer of free to play online games to develop games internally at its Foxboro, Mass. facility and serve as the basis for our entry into the business of 'freemium' games for play online," reads the filing. "In January of 2013 we decided to close that facility based on its financial performance and intend to re-allocate our financial resources to developing freemium games for mobile platforms. We plan to have these games developed by outside developers."

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