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Multiplayer first-person shooter Offensive Combat hits Facebook today

Developer U4iA Games' Offensive Combat, a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter with console quality graphics, is now available to play on Facebook, the developer announced today.

U4iA goal is to bring console-quality competitive multiplayer games the free-to-play browser-based sector, with Offensive Combat as its first endeavor. Players create their own character from among 30 archetypes of modern FPS games, such as a space marine or the modern soldier, then customize their weapons and develop their skill trees in combat against other players. The game currently has nine multiplayer maps and will consistently add more game type modes in the months following release.

Co-founder Dusty Welch told Polygon in October that the game's core concept is a "very serious eSports competitive game that MLG and others will want to run tournaments for," and that making a browser game console-quality is important.

"Driving toward console quality in a browser is very critical," he said.

For a limited time, players can also earn in-game coins by inviting their friends to participate in Offensive Combat.

"We designed Offensive Combat for a fast-growing segment of core gamers who want a fine-tuned, eSport-level FPS game that can be played anywhere, anytime via their web browser, and not limited by a major software install or the need for dedicated hardware," said U4iA CCO Chris Archer in a press release.

U4iA, founded by former Call of Duty developers Archer and Welch, announced Offensive Combat in May last year, stating it would bring "console-quality, high energy, frenetic competition," with an eSprots server structure to free-to-play browser games. The game went into open beta in September.

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