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Company of Heroes 2 interface aims to be 'clean and concise'

A first look at the in-game interface of Company of Heroes 2 shows off mechanics that are "designed to give the player a full view of the battlefield and quick unit control," according to a post on the game's official website.

Outlining various aspects of the interface, the post gives readers an idea of how gameplay will function. The minimap, similar in design to its predecessor, grants players a bird's-eye view of capture points and territory control lines on the battlefield. Unique icons represent different map objectives.

Next to the minimap, players will find the Unit Portrait, which displays stats such as character health, experience and allegiance. Other information panels, such as the Bridge and the Resource panel, inform players on unit information, valuable resources and more.

Although the new user interface is complete functionality wise, the dev team will continue to make small tweaks from alpha stress test and closed beta feedback.

Check out the full list of descriptions on Company of Heroes website. Company of Heroes 2 is available for Windows pre-order now. The game is expected to enter closed beta soon.

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