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Tomb Raider controversy was the result of 'limited information,' says lead writer

Tomb Raider's lead writer, Rhianna Pratchett, recently explained that the supposed rape scene controversy in 2012 was the result of "limited information out there" in a recent interview with CVG.

Speaking with the publication, Pratchett said that she understood why controversy arose, but "some things were said that were just not accurate."

"I think everyone who's talked about it since has talked about context," Pratchett said. "... That scene happens, [Lara] has to deal with it, but her character is not changed because of it."

When asked about executive producer Ron Rosenberg's quote that players will want to protect Lara, Pratchett explained that not everyone will feel exactly the same.

"I'm not going to say that every player has the same relationship with their character," Pratchett said. "I actually think that scene has more power for players that feel they are that character, because it is uncomfortable. It should be uncomfortable."

"It shows that there's not necessarily enough knowledge about video games for people to stand up and say, ‘That's not what it's like,'" Pratchett added. "There's just not enough knowledge to counteract bullshit headlines."

Controversy exploded in June of 2012 after an interview with Kotaku in which Rosenberg reportedly spoke about a sexual assault in one scene of the game. Crystal Dynamics released a statement soon after, stating that sexual assault is not a theme the game covers.

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