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The Walking Dead has sold more than 8.5 million episodes

The Walking Dead earns big

Telltale Games' award-winning episodic series, The Walking Dead, has sold more than 8.5 million episodes, according to Telltale CEO Dan Connors in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

At $5 an episode and five episodes in total, the WSJ reports that roughly more than $40 million has been made in sales since the game released in April 2012, not including any promotions. Of these sales, about a quarter were on iPhone and iPad.

"November and December were our biggest months," Connors said. "It was the culmination of the product, the game of the year awards, the retail push and it still has a ton of head room in it. Apple has featured us a bunch of times for each of the episodes, and it's in Apple's Hall of Fame (for iPhone and iPad apps)."

Connors revealed that the average revenue earned per user was $16, which was consistent across all platforms (PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS). With the success of The Walking Dead, Connors says that there's now "proof that the way we treat franchises as a service to the franchise is a good thing for the franchise.

"We also have The Walking Dead signed up for another season, so we're gonna use a lot of the revenue we're generating to continue to grow the company."

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