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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate puts swords and shields in the spotlight

The sword and shield in focus

The sword and shield in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate might be designed for beginners but, if mastered, can administer "devastating results", according to Capcom Unity.

In a series of blog posts published in the lead-up to the game's March release, Capcom Unity is dedicating space to the weapons of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, providing a breakdown of each weapon's capabilities. The first weapon set to be examined is the basic sword and shield, which is the starting weapon set in the game.

"What the sword and shield lacks in strength and reach, it certainly makes up with speed and versatility," according to Capcom Unity. "And because it's such a light weapon type, you can still move around with it in your hands without sacrificing too much of your running or swimming speed."

On top of that, the sword and shield is the only weapon type in the game that allows players to use items while it is drawn. "Novice hunters can take advantage of this feature to heal and recover stamina, while more seasoned hunters will use this to maximize damage with a combination of traps, bombs, boost itsems and successive rapid strikes," the blog reads.

The shield can also be used as an offensive weapon by causing impact hits, which can knock monsters into a dizzy state and can also be used to strike during combos.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will release on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in March 2013.

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