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Bizarre Creation's last unannounced, unreleased project was a racing car game

Bizarre Creation's last game

Former Bizarre Creations artist Chris Davie released video footage this weekend of a prototype of a game that the studio was working on prior to its closure in 2011.

Davie, an artist and art director, posted two videos to his Tumblr: one is the Brighton Storm prototype, which uses tech and assets from the studio's previous racing game, Blur, and the second is the Dubai level, which uses a new game engine.

Davie writes that the Dubai level was the final thing the studio created before its closure. "It's the same unannounced, unreleased project from earlier [the Brighton Storm prototype], but approaching alpha."

Blur was published in May 2010. Eight months later, the British studio was closed by its parent company, Activision. Davie says that even when he and others on the team were informed that the project was to be canceled and the studio was to close, he continued working on the Dubai track because he thought it was a shame that no one — not even those working on the game — would get to play a finished track. By the time the studio closed, the Dubai track had gotten close to alpha level.

"I was pretty pleased with the way we got the glass looking using a nice normal map to give the surface some imperfections, the smashing effect when you drove on it was coming along nicely, too.

"It's a shame this thing will never be played, but at least it still lives on in some way in these videos."

Boths videos can be viewed on Davie's Tumblr here and here.

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