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Sphero gets new augmented reality games at CES

Sphero, a smart robot inside an opaque ball, is receiving a slew of new augmented reality video game apps that will roll out over the course of 2013, developer Orbotix announced today.

Sphero is a robotic ball and gaming system controlled by smartphones. Players can control the ball with their mobile device (Sphero is iOS and Android compatible) for games in the real-world, or the robotic ball can be used as part of augmented reality games whereby video game characters are "placed" into the real world using the Sphero as a marker.

Over the next few months Orbotix will release the follow games:

  • The Rolling Dead — an augmented reality game where players will use the Sphero to shoot fireballs and destroy virtual zombies
  • Sharky the Beaver — Sphero's first augmented reality app updated with new gameplay interactions and cupcake throwing
  • Nyan Cat Space Party — Can be played as a standalone app or with the Sphero as a controller
  • Zombie Rollers — a zombie survival game that uses Sphero as a controller
  • Blot — a game where players journey as a blob of ink through a world of pencils and thumbtacks
  • Pass the Sphero — a multiplayer tabletop game that is a mixed reality version of hot potato

These games will be demoed at CES this week.

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