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Ubitus cloud service bringing MMOs and console games to Google TV

Cloud media services company Ubitus Inc. is bringing its cloud gaming service to Google TV, allowing users to play console titles and massively multiplayer online games via television sets, the company announced today.

All smart TVs and set-top-boxes will run in low latency mode (which reduces screen delay time) for use with Ubitus' service. Ubitus grants users instant access to a library of triple-A console games and MMOs, and supports online multiplayer between players on different gaming devices, allowing cross-platform play between players in the same game.

Users will not have to pay per use of each individual game, but rather for use of the overall service. Players will also be able to share their gameplay sessions through their social networks.

"Google TV is an ideal platform for cloud gaming and we have tackled the obstacles to achieving low latency streaming game experience with multi gaming controller devices support on Google TV," said Ubitus CEO Wesley Kuo in a press release. "This brings tremendous benefits to consumers, particularly with the increasing adoption of Smart TVs and new generation of Set-top-boxes in every consumer's home."

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