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Watch Ouya running SNES and N64 emulated games

The Ouya console runs not only Android games, but games running on Android emulators, as shown by a number of videos posted by console owners on the system's official forums.

Ouya players have taken to Ouya Boards to share gameplay videos of Nintendo 64 emulations, including footage of Super Mario 64, and games running through the SuperGNES Super Nintendo emulator like Street Fighter 2. There's even a video of the console running Facebook multiplayer shooter Offensive Combat.

YouTube user "blackoutworm" posted the above video of Super Mario 64 running through the Mupen64plus N64 emulator, along with instructions for optimizing gameplay and the best way to remap controls for playing with a keyboard. More footage of Ouya running these emulators can be found at blackoutworm's YouTube page, as well as on the Ouya forums.

Development kits for the Android-based Ouya shipped in December, and included the console, two controllers, an HDMI cable and assorted accessories. The console will ship to consumers who backed the Ouya's Kickstarter project in March.

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