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Hawken demoed on Project Shield exclusive to Tegra 4, built in weeks

The version of Hawken demoed onstage at Nvidia's Project Shield console announcement was custom built for the company's new console, a representative from Nvidia told Kotaku.

Adhesive Games received the hardware shortly before Christmas and spent the last few weeks creating a version of the first-person mech shooter to run on the console, which contains Nvidia's Tegra 4 system on a chip. According to Kotaku, "the Android version of Hawken" will be exclusive to the Tegra 4 and possibly to Project Shield.

Last year, CEO Mark Long of Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment announced interest in developing for Ouya. The Kickstarter-funded gaming console also runs Android, but sports a Tegra 3 processor under the hood.

Nvidia unveiled Project Shield, its gaming device that contains both a console-like controller and a screen, yesterday at CES 2013.