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Child's Play charity raised $5 million in 2012

Child's Play brings in $5 million in 2012

Child's Play, a charity that raises money to buy toys and games for kids in hospitals, clinics and domestic violence shelters worldwide, raised $5,085,761 in 2012, the organization announced on its website.

In 2012 gamers around the world generously chipped in by hosting their own gaming events, game marathons and other fundraising drives to raise money for the charity, which benefits children in more than 70 hospitals worldwide. The charity works in two ways — by setting up gift wishlists full of video games, toys and books for kids so that donors can send the children a gift, and by receiving cash donations throughout the year that are spent on new consoles, peripherals and games.

In 2012 alone fundraisers like the 6th Desert Bus for Hope marathon were held, as well as the Mario Marathon, Zeldathon and more.

"We are overwhelmed, honored, grateful, and incredibly proud to be a part of such an amazing community of generous gamers," the charity wrote. "Thank you for a record-breaking 2012!"