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Ouya game jam Create encourages development of games for the new console

The creators of Ouya have partnered with Kill Screen to announce the first ever Ouya game jam competition, beginning Jan. 14 until Jan. 23.

Create invites developers to design playable prototypes for the new console, which will later be judged by a team that includes Phil Fish of Fez fame, Canabalt's Adam Saltsman, SpellTower's Zach Gage, Xbox co-creator Ed Fries, and Felicia Day of The Guild. The competition features $45,000 in prizes, while the game that demonstrates the "highest level of overall excellence" will receive a $20,000 grand prize and a $5,000 bonus if the developer completes the game to launch on Ouya.

Formal contest rules will be published prior to Jan. 14 on the official Ouya website; However, those interested in competing must be able to confirm they developed the game they are entering, have rights to publish it, and prove that it is a new title that was not previously released or funded through Kickstarter. In addition, those entering must show they pre-ordered or backed the Ouya.

Winners will be based on community support of the game, successful use of the Ouya console and the overall quality of the game.

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