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Turtle Beach announces new lines of wired and wireless gaming headsets at CES 2013

Turtle Beach announced new lines of wired and wireless gaming-centric headsets at CES 2013, promising the "most technologically advanced headsets ever designed" for games hardware.

First, and priciest, are the Ear Force XP510 for Xbox 360 and Ear Force PX51 for PlayStation 3, which launch during the first quarter of 2013 for $289.99 and $269.99, respectively. The Ear Force models feature Dolby digital surround sound, a rechargeable lithium battery with a 15-hour charge capacity and dual-band Wi-Fi, which a Turtle Beach press release says offers "an interference-free connection."

The Ear Force Seven series, which was announced at E3 2012, offers "tournament-grade" audio quality for gaming, and comes in several distinct flavors. The XP Seven is designed for console gaming ($279.95), the Z Seven for PC gaming ($249.95) and the M Seven for console gaming ($149.95). Each one comes with an in-headset audio mixer to allow players to customize the sound of their games. Each will launch in Q1 2013 as well.

Turtle Beach is also unveiling the Ear Force PX22 — an obvious successor to the PX21 headset — an MLG-licensed, wired set of headphones which is more affordable than its wireless counterparts, clocking in at $79.95. The PX22 offers bass and treble boosts, as well as options to optimize audio chat in supporting PC games. It will launch in Q2 2013.

Two other PC-focused headsets — the wireless Z300, which offers features similar to the XP510 and PX51; and the USB-powered Z22 — were mentioned in the press release, but release details are still forthcoming.

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