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Qualcomm releasing home bandwidth manager this spring to prevent gaming lag and slow loading

This spring, wireless technology company Qualcomm will release the new StreamBoost router add-on to help manage household broadband connections, allowing each internet-connected device in a home access to the bandwidth it needs, the company announced recently.

As the number of internet-connected devices in the home increases, users experience "network congestion," such as time lag on gaming consoles, streaming content freezing up and websites loading more slowly. Qualcomm says the StreamBoost will control network traffic for these devices, allowing each device and application the bandwidth needed for optimal performance.

StreamBoost also includes an opt-in cloud-based service that Qualcomm says will gradually and continually increase the intelligence of a router, enabling it to identify and manage new devices as they are added to a home's network. The system's interface will also display all connected devices and their real-time bandwidth usage.

"The explosion of media enjoyed on a variety of devices presents a conflict in the home network," said Qualcomm Atheros senior vice president and general manager Dan Rabinovitsj. "Web surfing competes with streaming video, video chat competes with games, and downloads compete with everything. In the practical use case of a connected home, bandwidth will always be limited, but intelligent network management helps address this. We created Qualcomm StreamBoost to recognize and optimally allocate network traffic, providing users with the best Internet performance possible on all connected devices-right out of the box."

Qualcomm will be demonstrating Streamboost as well as its new VIVE 802.11ac silicon router at CES 2013 this weekend, from Jan. 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. Streamboost will also be demonstrated at the ShowStoppers event in the Lafite Ballroom at the Wynn Hotel on Jan. 8.

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