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Indie adventure A Hat in Time is an homage to classic N64 games

Indie adventure A Hat in Time takes the cel-shaded graphical style of The Wind Waker and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Banjo-Kazooie, as shown in a new gameplay video released by Danish developer Jonas Kærlev earlier this week.

The game is inspired by retro 3D "collectathon" games like Conker's Bad Fur Day and Donkey Kong 64 among others, according to a post on the developer's project blog.

Kærlev's game sets players in the shoes of Hat Kid, a little girl traveling through time across five different worlds. Hat Kid must rewrite in-game history and defeat her adversary, the wicked Moustache Girl. A Hat in Time includes platforming elements and Hat Kid is loaded with an arsenal of various gadgets including a hookshot and a "propella," an umbrella that helps Hat Kid travel.

The video posted above shows footage of the game's first city. Hat Kid runs and jumps across a series of white rooftops on an island surrounded by sparkling blue water, swims around its perimeter and chats with NPCs.

According to the game's Steam Greenlight page, Kærlev hopes to release A Hat in Time in the fourth quarter of 2013 for Windows PC. The developer says it will contain roughly 5 hours of content and hopes to price it at $1, "depending on what the publisher considers suitable."

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