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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition dev delays The End, details upcoming additions

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios has taken to its official Twitter account recently to respond to user questions, revealing additions and changes to the development schedule for the popular, blocky sandbox game.

Title Update 8 will now focus on bug fixes for Title Update 7, moving the floating world called The End originally planned for Title Update 8 to a subsequent release.

"The bug fix update will be TU8, so The End will be later," a tweet reads. Another tweet revealed that the "next update will only have bug fixes for TU7."

The developers also detailed upcoming changes to the game in response to player questions.

A confused player tweeted asking if the game's squarish sheep grow wool by eating grass. "Not yet, but that will come in a later update," reads the reply. 4J Studios also confirmed that the game's fourth skin pack is "in progress, but we can't give details yet," and that baby wolves will be born tame after a future update.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition ended 2012 by passing the 5 million sales milestone on New Year's Eve. Days later, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson revealed on Twitter that the game had sold 453,000 units on Christmas Day alone across Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

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