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Filed under: expedition to excavate WWII Spitfires starts this Saturday

World of Tanks dev funds excavation dig

An excavation expedition funded by World of Tanks developer to search for British fighter planes thought to be buried in Myanmar will begin on Saturday, the Associated Press reports.

The expedition will involve a freelance archaeologist, an airplane enthusiast and a team of excavators who hope to uncover dozens of Spitfire aircrafts that were supposedly locked in wooden crates and buried underground by American engineers at the end of World War II.

Despite the possibility of the excavation team finding only rusty metal and aircraft parts or even nothing at all, Belarusian studio decided to fund the venture, committing itself to the project in October of last year. The company promised $500,000 towards the dig and to up another $500,000 if the Spitfires were found. spokesperson Frazer Nash told the media that the company has "an open bucket" to dispense cash if the dig was a success. "Money's not an issue," he said. "Have you seen the profits for gaming?"

The company said in a press release last year that it was "dedicated to bringing military history alive," hence why it is supporting the venture.

There are a rumoured 20-36 Spitfires to be found.

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