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Hands-on with Razer Edge, the all-in-one gaming tablet

Razer's new gaming tablet, the Razer Edge, attempts to be an all-in-one gaming solution. According to Razer, "It's a tablet. It's a PC. It's a console." A Windows 8 tablet at heart, what makes the Razer Edge unique is its line of accessories, namely its dual analog stick equipped gaming controller.

At CES 2013, we had the opportunity to go hands-on with the Razer Edge, its gaming controller, console dock for HDTV output and laptop-style keyboard dock. The Razer Edge is a compelling option for gamers in the market for a Windows 8 gaming tablet — Steam's Big Picture mode works quite well on the device — even with a base price of $999.

As you'll see in the hands-on video above, the Razer Edge is heavier and bulkier than many current tablets. Razer reps say the Edge weighs about as much as a Microsoft Surface tablet, a little over two pounds. Battery-wise, Razer reps say to expect up to 8 hours of normal tablet use, with somewhere between two to four hours of battery life while playing a game like Dishonored or Dirt Showdown. Less CPU intensive games like Civilization 5 might squeeze out five hours on a single charge.

While we ran into a handful of technical speed bumps with the Razer Edge — planned for release sometime in Q1 2013 — the device has promise, seemingly a viable option in the Windows 8 tablet lineup.

Check out the video above for a closer look at the Razer Edge in action.

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