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Eve Online and Dust 514 merging servers tomorrow for a single cross-platform universe

CCP has announced it will begin merging the servers of long-running PC MMO Eve Online and PlayStation 3 title Dust 514 to create a single cross-platform universe between both games.

Users currently participating in the Dust 514 beta will be migrated from the Singularity server to the Tranquility server, the studio announced. Mercenaries from Dust 514 will be able to join existing corporations guilds, essentially in Eve, while Eve pilots can join corporations started by Dust players. In addition, players can share corporation chat and voice chat, as well as invite each other to custom channels across both games. Mail will also work in both directions.

However, CCP is working to keep the economy of the 10-year-old Eve Online in balance by blocking in-game money transfer between Eve and Dust characters. This will later be replaced by a taxable transfer system, said to ease "the currency control to zero percent," which the studio will then remove once the economies of both games have reached an equilibrium.

A release date for Dust 514 has not yet been announced, although the game is currently in closed beta.

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