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Gov. Christie says guns, drugs, mental illness and video games need to be examined in wake of shooting

With a White House imposed deadline for recommendations on how to curb gun violence looming, the politics surrounding the Newtown shooting, gun control and the role of entertainment in American culture continues to heat up.

Yesterday, the White House confirmed that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his task force will be meeting with representatives from the entertainment and video game industries this week to discuss gun-related violence.

Today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took to CBS This Morning to say that talking about gun control in the wake of the Newtown shooting isn't enough.

"If all we talk about is just controlling guns, which we should talk about, we're not doing enough," he said.

Christie went on to say that the shooter obviously had mental illness issues and that the stigma in the country surrounding mental illness prevents some people from seeking treatment for themselves or their loved ones. He also said that the country needs to talk about substance abuse.

"Lastly," he said, "we need to talk violence in these video games. I have four kids at home, I don't allow Call of Duty or these other games in. We have to start talking about that as parents."

He said that all four of those things: gun control, mental illness, drug abuse and violent video games, need to be part of any national conversation surrounding the shooting at Newtown and something has to be done in all four of those categories.

Christie's morning talk comes two days after the Entertainment Merchant's Association asked Biden to first look at the reports that already examined the role of video games in school shootings, before requesting another study.

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