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Fan-made Shadow of the Colossus replica contains a 500 GB external hard drive

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A fan of Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus has immortalized one of the game's titular colossi into a case for a 500 GB external hard drive.

Imgur user "foxfoxwaltz" created the replica pictured above in the likeness of second colossus Quadratus, building the body from layers of cardboard pieces and plaster sheeting over a recycled lamp base. Once the body was completely dried and built, the outside was coated in a base layer of stone-textured paint. Details were applied with acrylic paint and accented with fake moss. The eyes are blue LED lights with a thin film of vellum over them so "foxfoxwaltz" could draw in the pupil.

The external hard drive is run through a USB cable that comes out the back of the colossus. "Foxfoxwaltz" notes that he currently uses his Quadratus hard drive to store movies for viewing through his PlayStation 3.

Thanks to reader Jeff P for the tip!