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XCOM: Enemy Unknown developers working on 'really awesome' DLC

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"We're working on something really awesome" Jake Solomon, Firaxis Games

XCOM: Enemy Unknown publisher 2K Games originally announced two pieces of downloadable content for the strategy game, both of which have now been released, but developer Firaxis Games told Polygon last week that the studio isn't done making XCOM content.

The first piece of DLC, the $6.99 Slingshot Content Pack, brought a brief storyline with three new maps into Enemy Unknown's campaign when it launched in early December. Firaxis released the game's Second Wave DLC, which added 16 gameplay tweaks to let players customize their experience, for free yesterday as part of a title update.

According to lead designer Jake Solomon, Slingshot and Second Wave aren't the only add-ons Firaxis has planned for XCOM. "We do have more content coming in 2013," he said. "We're working on something really awesome."

Solomon wouldn't provide any further details or a release window, only saying that it's "going to take some time" for the studio to complete work on its next add-on and that it likely won't have the limited scope of the Slingshot DLC. XCOM: Enemy Unknown originally launched in October 2012.