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Far Cry 3 Outpost app now available on iOS and Android, unlocks in-game content

A new Far Cry 3 mobile app on iOS and Android called Outpost lets players keep track of their multiplayer experience and unlock content, publisher Ubisoft announced today.

The free app offers the ability to decode encrypted data found within the game to unlock weapon mods, which can then be used, given to friends or sold for XP. Outpost also allows players to customize their multiplayer weapon loadouts, view statistics from their multiplayer and co-op games, follow their progress in completing challenges and keep track of maps they've created in the game's Map Editor.

Check out a trailer for the app above, and visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download it. Ubisoft previously released a more playful app, Insanity Mirror, exclusively in the U.K.; it did not interface with Far Cry 3.

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