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Super Hexagon for Android is 'basically done', bug exists for Nexus 7

The Android port for Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon is "basically done" and beta test copies were sent out at the end of last year, but a bug that appears to be limited to the Nexus 7 tablet is halting the game's Android release.

Writing on his blog, Cavanagh said that the bug creates an input lag issue that, at present, appears to be limited to the Nexus 7, although it is unclear whether the problem might be more widespread.

Co-developer Laurence Muller explained in the same blog post that there is a noticeable delay in the game when played on the Nexus 7 compared to other Android devices, and this can render the game unplayable.

Cavanagh says:

Figuring out that this was happening has been driving us crazy. It may not look like much in the above video (which is running at 50% speed), but even a slight control responsiveness issue like this basically kills Super Hexagon — every single touch overshoots, making the higher levels unplayable. Earlier levels are playable, but it constantly feels "off". As far as I'm concerned, it's unreleasable this way.

The duo will continue testing the game to determine which Android devices are affected. Cavanagh writes that they are looking to release the game very soon "for any Android device that can handle it (which excludes the Nexus 7, sorry!"

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