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Super Mario 3D World lets you clone a sisterhood of Peaches

When playing Nintendo's Super Mario 3D World, players will want to keep an eye out for cherries — every cherry collected will clone the player's character.

Polygon played a recent demo of new levels from the game and, playing as Princess Peach, every time we picked up a cherry, we received an additional Peach to our party. We were able to clone a sisterhood of five Peaches, all moving in tandem.

The cloned Peaches naturally gravitated toward each other, moving single-file through the levels. Players can also separate them using the 3D environment. We were able to separate our Peaches by walking some of them against a wall — those who were touching the wall stayed on the spot, while those who weren't against the wall continued along the path. Separating them was particularly useful, especially when we wanted want to scatter our Peaches on multiple platforms to increase our range of attack. When we picked up the fire ball power-up, this also meant we were able to spread them out and shoot from multiple locations.

Some levels will also have special areas that players can only access if they have a certain number of clones with them. This means players have to pick up cherries when they can and avoid getting hit by enemies, because every hit will eliminate a sister.

Other characters will behave differently when cloned. If players choose Luigi or Toad, those characters will have a tendency to drift apart. This makes them a bit more difficult to control but makes it easier for players to spread them out.

Super Mario 3D World will launch on the Wii U on Nov. 22 in North America.