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Settlement reached in Bang With Friends and Zynga suit

Creator of a casual sex networking iOS and Android app, Bang With Friends, Inc., will rebrand itself and its app after settling a trademark infringement lawsuit with social games developer Zynga, the companies told Polygon in a joint statement.

Zynga sued Bang With Friends, Inc. in July for infringing upon its trademark of "With Friends" brand when it launched its Bang With Friends app. While terms of the settlement remain confidential, according to the statement, Zynga Inc. and Bang With Friends, Inc. reached "an amicable resolution of their dispute."

"Bang With Friends, Inc. acknowledges the trademark rights that Zynga has in its 'With Friends' marks and will be changing its corporate name and rebranding its services in the near future,"  the statement reads.

Renée Lawson,Zynga deputy general counsel said in July that the developers deliberately used Zynga's popular brand to gain attention for its sex app. Zynga filed the suit to "prevent further consumer confusion and protect its intellectual property rights against infringement," seeking a court order to stop the developer from using the brand for social networking apps within the U.S.

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