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vorpX enables Oculus Rift support for more than 90 games, beta available

The beta for vorpX, a stereoscopic 3D driver that enables Oculus Rift support to more than 90 DirectX 9 and 11 titles, is now available for $40, the developer announced on its website.

Games compatible with the product include Skyrim, Crysis, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Fallout 3 and more. The full list of supported games is available here. According to the developer, a demo will be released in a few weeks.

Those who purchase the beta will receive free updates until vorpX version 2.0 and users are free to install and operate the software on two machines at once.

vorpX can render games in two 3D mode variants. Z-buffer offers high framerates and low latency as it doesn't render two distinct views. Geometry 3D is twice as taxing on systems as it renders two independent views to composite a 3D scene.

"Much work has been done to provide you with what we believe already is the best option to play some of your favorite games on your Oculus Rift development kit," vorpX lead developer Ralf Ostertag announced via Road to VR. "Although this is still a beta release, we're confident that vorpX can provide you many hours of fun. We're looking forward to your feedback and are eager to improve vorpX further based on your thoughts and experiences."

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