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GTA 5 Mythbusters video debunks stalking, Chop's grenade fetching

YouTube user "DefendTheHouse" is taking the exploration of Grand Theft Auto 5's open world to an entirely new level: by pushing its limits and debunking exactly what players just can't do.

In the video posted above and below, "DefendtheHouse" tackles some of Los Santos more complicated issues: You can, however, detach cable cars and watch them drop from the sky while their riders can only watch on in horror. We also learn some new things about sticky bombs and grenades, and just how angry your friends will get if you repeatedly stalk them. The video also demonstrates that canine pal Chop seems to have a very low idea of self-preservation — but it mighty resilient.

Check out the video above for the full list of tested myths, and check out the first video for more examples of Los Santos pushed to its limits.

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