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A Link Between Worlds 'bucks tradition' by making key items available earlier

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will allow players to rent or purchase items early on in the game that are normally not available until later dungeons, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today in a Nintendo Direct presentation.

According to Iwata, at a certain point in the game, the order in which players approach dungeons and how they do so is completely up to them — the player can decide how to progress through the story at their own pace.  Players will be able to go to Ravio's Shop, an item shop carrying items like the bow and arrows and hookshot, at any time during the game to rent or purchase any item they want based on the dungeon they are planning to visit.

"In previous Zelda games, there were this sort of unwritten rule that said you could only get a new item at a new dungeon, and puzzles in that dungeon would primarily be solved using this new item," Iwata said. "You might even say it's one of the conventions of Zelda.

"But this time around we we wanted to buck tradition and transform the way you played Zelda, and to offer a brand new gameplay experience," he added. "To do this, we had to reconsider this particular Zelda convention."

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will launch on Nov. 22 in North America and Europe.

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