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Destiny gameplay trailer takes us to Earth's Moon

A new gameplay trailer for Bungie's online shooter Destiny focuses on an enemy that hails from a source very familiar to we Earthlings.

Humans living in the last city of Earth looked to the sky and saw hope, says the trailer's narrator, but those in the sky looked back and saw us. At last, a force that grew stronger where it hid deep inside the core of our Moon made its move.

The rest of the trailer shows the game's gunplay and combat, and while there doesn't seem to be anything particularly lunar about the environments, it does show off more than a few enemies, weapons and player powers. The end of the trailer introduces an enormous boss enemy bound in chains; as one might expect the chains don't hold it for very long.

Destiny is scheduled for launch some time in 2014. A public beta will be available in early 2014 for players who pre-order the game through participating retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Gamestop.

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